May 19, 2020



We offer basic puppy care and behavior training, as well as leash etiquette training for adult dogs – all in the comfort of your own home! We are firm believers that it is us, the humans, that need training and once you have the necessary tools at your disposal you can thrive as a new pet owner, as will your pet!

Puppy Training

This training is designed to be 1-3 sessions in which we will teach you how to communicate with and teach your new puppy by using positive reinforcement. Topics covered with puppies are handling, biting, leash-walking, socialization, crate-training, separation anxiety, and basic commands


Leash Training

This training is one-on-one with your walker and dog to teach your dog to cease undesirable leash behaviors like pulling and reactivity towards other dogs. We will also teach you how to keep up with your dog’s leash training o your own walks so that all parties are on the same page. Consistency is key for dog training! Note: We require 5 sessions per week for the first three weeks and each walk need to be between 30-60 minutes, though we recommend 45 minutes or 60 minutes. These walks can coincide with your normal dog walking schedule, they do not need to be separate sessions.

30 Minute Training Walk:


45 Minute Training Walk:


60 Minute Training Walk: