March 29, 2019


1. $250 bonus for part-time and $500 bonus for full-time

2. Both FT and PT employees must be available M-F between 11am-3pm. PT must work a minimum of 20 hours/wk and FT must work a minimum of 35 hours/week

3. Must meet all other job requirements (ie have a car or bike, pass a background check, etc.)

4. Must work for, or previously worked for, an actual company with consistent regular clients – not just casual freelance

5. If no longer working for previous company must have parted amicably and not been terminated

6. Must be able to provide references from at least 3 regular clients (client’s name, pet’s name, and email address)

7. Must agree to stay on for at least one year

Bonus will be given in increments at 3months, 6months and 9months of employment. Employees are also eligible for a yearly bonus. Must not receive multiple corrective actions for poor performance (such as tardiness, negligent behavior, dishonest behavior, etc) in order to receive full bonus