April 17, 2018

Our Walkers


Owner, pet sitter and original sole dog walker of Hyde Bark Dog Walking, LeAnna is a Hyde Park resident and longtime dog lover. She has about 15 years of experience as a professional pet care provider having originally worked for the wonderful Chicago Dog Walkers on the northside all through college. She started Hyde Bark simply because she wanted to work with animals again but found there to be a lack of pet care providers on the south side. She studied small business and entrepreneurship in preparation for launching Hyde Bark in 2015 and she is also certified in Animal Care, Veterinary Support Assistance, Animal Psychology and Animal Training. Some of her favorite dogs are Greyhounds, Whippets, English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and Chihuahuas. LeAnna and husband Brandon also offer short-term private boarding for dogs in their Hyde Park home.


Brandon is married to Hyde Bark owner LeAnna and is both our manager and dog walker! Brandon quit his full-time office job in January of 2016 to help LeAnna run Hyde Bark and is a true asset in dedication, professionalism and talent. He has owned and raised several dogs of his own and has a special affinity for pit bull mixes and other energetic, loving breeds. Dogs naturally connect with Brandon’s genuine love and natural ability to train and teach. Brandon is good with larger, eccentric dogs and some of his favorites are Pitbulls, Mastiffs, and Greyhounds. Brandon and wife LeAnna also offer short-term private boarding for dogs in their Hyde Park home.


Aaron is a Hyde Park resident where he resides with his partner, Sydney, and their baby Vivian (born in 2018). He is an experimental musician spanning many different genres with special training in classical composition. He plays and records music with his own band as well as with others. He has extensive experience in pet-sitting everything from turtles to rabbits to dogs. He was Hyde Bark’s first-ever hire back in 2015 and is also certified in Animal Psychology. Aaron loves to nurture relationships with pets and clients alike and is completely dedicated, reliable and communicative.


Margaret is a Hyde Park resident and she joined Hyde Bark as a full-time walker after having been a manager for Camp Bow Wow, a doggie daycare, for over three years. She wanted to foster more personal one-on-one relationships with dogs on a smaller scale. She is responsible, professional and extremely educated in all things dogs! She enjoys spending time with her own dog, playing videogames and playing and watching football in her spare time. She has yet to meet a dog that does not warm up to her and her favorite dogs are ones that enjoy a good brisk walk! She is also certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.


Lyvonne is a Hyde Park resident who joined Hyde Bark in 2015. She has extensive experience caring for animals on a professional level and worked previously for a South Loop animal hospital for many years as a veterinary technician. Her specialty is winning over even the most standoffish dogs and always putting the pups first. She is hardworking, dedicated and a wonderful person. Lyvonne also offers short-term private boarding in her Hyde Park home.


Sami is a Hyde Park resident and before joining Hyde Bark they had extensive experience as a professional dog walker both in Chicago as well as San Diego. They live in Hyde Park with their wife DeeAnna and they own two cats, Frick and Frack, as well as a rescue Australian Shepherd mix named Roxie. Sami is professional, reliable and kind to all pets! They also have a great sense of humor and love to express the pets' personalities in their own words. Sami enjoys hiking, camping, walking with - or even sometimes without - dogs, parkour, and cake!


Connor is an incredibly dedicated pet car provider and is always looking for more pets to take under his wing and care for! He joined Hyde Bark as a full-time walker in 2018 after having worked for Time Out Pet Care in Oak Park. He is extremely warm, enthusiastic, and truly enjoys spending as much time as possible with all kinds of different dogs and cats! He has an adorable little Maltipoo pup of his own at home and he especially loves Goldendoodles and small cute breeds of dogs.


Kooper is a longtime Hyde Park resident and has an M.Div. from the Chicago Theological Seminary which she is still actively involved in. Kooper is extremely gentle and kind with a natural empathy for animals. She has extensive freelance experience caring for other people’s pets and has owned several different breeds of dogs throughout her life. Kooper is a full-time dog walker for Hyde Bark and you will never find another sitter more dedicated to your pet that Kooper!


Anna is a personal friend of owners LeAnna and Brandon. She joined us from Paws and Claws Pet Care in Logan Square in 2015. Anna is passionate about cooking and eating vegetarian cuisine, lifting weights, yoga and biking. She is always willing to go the extra mile for people’s pets and is extremely hard-working and reliable and many of her clients will ONLY use her!


Raul lives in Hyde Park with his partner and fellow Hyde Barker Claire, their two kitties and a multitude of plants. Raul believes dogs are deeply attached to their owners and can be lonely during the day while the owner is away. As a dog walker, he is not only helping the dog take care of necessary needs but is also a vital companion for the pet while its owner is absent. He is committed to establishing a trustworthy companionship with the pets that he cares for so that they look forward to his visits and feel comfortable being with him. Before joining Hyde Bark he was a go-to for friends and family in need of pet care and also a bike messenger downtown so he is no stranger to being on the move and making sure pups get their daily dose of exercise and friendship! He is a visual artist and he paints, sculpts and incorporates found industrial objects into his works. He is also a film buff and an experimental electronic musician.


Claire is partner to walker Raul and helps fill in on weekends and evenings as needed. She also works for the University and is a grad student with her research involving experiments aimed to investigate the chemical formation of planets. Claire grew up on a farm in Maryland with four dogs, 5 cats, and 8 horses. She loves dogs and cats and has cared for them her whole life. She knows how to interact with dogs and bond with them very easily. She is responsible and always reliable to answer messages and step up to the plate if there are appointments that need to be filled. She understands that everyone at Hyde Bark is busy and we all work together to make sure that every dog and cat are tended to. Claire is also an avid weaver, vinyl DJ, jewelry maker and house plant owner!


Lonimarie lives in South Shore with her family and two mischievous kitties. She has previous experience working in the pet grooming field before joining Hyde Bark in 2018. She is very interested in birth work and birth justice which is why she became a doula and chooses to focus on providing full-spectrum doula care. She has a strong desire to serve vulnerable populations of birthing people including but not limited to black birthing people, other people of color and people in the LGBTQ community. She also loves gardening and baking and experimenting with recipes. Lonimarie is certified in Cat and Kitten Care.


Danielle is a Hyde Park resident where she lives with her husband and their little senior Maltese, Cannoli. Danielle joined Hyde Bark in 2018 part-time after following our Instagram. Danielle has an enthusiastic love and adoration for dogs and is friendly and reliable. She is an avid reader, mostly historical nonfiction, biographies, and Agatha Christie. She also loves spending time in Hyde Park with her husband James and walking around Promontory Point. Danielle is certified in Senior Pet Care.


Bio coming soon!


Bio coming soon!